A superficial assessment of who is Curt would probably conclude that I am just another old white American male from a Middle Class Protestant family that few people have even heard of. That is true so far as it goes, but paints a very incomplete picture of who I am. I don’t seek to exalt myself above anyone, but I also won’t waste time with false modesty. The truth is that I am an excellent observer of the human condition and I know a lot about a lot of things. If you allow me to, I can maybe enlighten you about some of what I have learned about music, people, health, nutrition, science, politics, society, etc. I am also very aware of what I don’t know – which is just as important.

So what are my qualifications? I went to college for two years but never finished. I have learned a lot from the varied experiences of living a very unique life. I have a brain that is wired differently from 98% of humans that is called being cross dominant. That means being both left handed and right handed. I also have a photographic memory about much of what I learn and a very high IQ. To a large extent these qualities have tended to set me apart from most people and I am happy being mostly a loner. The only place I have really fit in is being a member of a Rock band. So I write songs, sing, play keyboards, guitar and produce my own music in my studio here at

I have actually been in near total reclusion for almost 20 years, so the Covid pandemic quarantine is not that different for me. During these last 18 years,I have recorded a lot of songs that nobody has heard and written a lot of essays on my blog that nobody has read. I have been waiting all these years for human kind to be ready and receptive to hearing what I have to say and now is the time to present my work. The record shows in my blog archives that almost every political and social opinion that I expressed was right about almost everything. About the only thing I got wrong was thinking that George W Bush would be impeached for being a war criminal. Turns out our ruling class almost never really gets punished. I also thought that Donald Trump would not be elected President. I was wrong about that too but I was correct in saying he would not be re-elected.

I am not a member of a political party. If you want a political label, I am an Independent Progressive Populist. I quit the Democrats in 2008 because they were and are too Corporate and Oligarch friendly. I have never voted Republican for any major office in my life. I mostly pragmatically vote for Democrats. Actually, I am not going to directly discuss politics very much on this website because the musicians and other people I work with do not necessarily share my views. This website is more for music, culture, entertainment and learning. My song lyrics often contain references to social issues, but I will discuss politics at my other site where you can read and comment there at

My point of view on the human condition really is quite unique. I observe and analyze but I don’t take part much in the current day to day way most people live. I have never been on Facebook or most to the other social media sites and have never sent a Tweet or a text. I do not even carry a cell phone or use smart phones (except in an emergency). I have no desire to be tied to those devices but I do not criticize those who do indulge in them. Of course I regularly use computers every day for my music, websites, email and the internet. I do not subscribe to cable or watch any Network News – only local news. I keep the brainwashing propaganda to a bare minimum.

I have strived to be a SuperAger for decades – that is trying to attain at least the age of 120 while being healthy and fit to the end. To accomplish that I exercise five days a week and I intermittently fast as an almost Vegan. Mostly organic food, no red meat since 1980, no alcohol or any other drugs since 1985, no poultry since 2010 and no marijuana since 2019 (for now). Also no pharmacueticals except for emergencies – the only drug I regularly consume is caffeine. So even although I am very old indeed I remain in very excellent physical and mental condition. If you think that I am too old to be relevant I would suggest that you are mistaken and let my work speak for itself.

I can help show the way about how we can evolve and live up to our potential as the human species. I plan to try contributing some enlightenment with my songs, videos and my essays. I will try to release one finished song here each month. If nobody wants to listen, I will do it anyway and hopefully speak to a future generation. I have been waiting for my time to come and the time is now – no more time to waste with the traditions of extinction. There are still some good people from my Boomer generation who remember the lessons of the 1960’s plus a lot of aware Millennials who hopefully will listen to me and support my efforts. If not then at least I tried.

I have some faith that the younger generation is now ready to step up to the next phase of our evolution that will be necessary to save ourselves and our home planet. Society may not survive in its current form if enough people don’t wake up soon. Climate Change alone is enough to bring it all down and the Politics of Hate won’t make it any easier. I care nothing for cynics, angry ditto heads or those steeped in political and economic ways of the past. Instead it is especially to the new generation that I am reaching out to for support. I will present my music, videos and essays and I think they will entertain and inform you so that you will want to reward my efforts by subscribing to my platforms. If you are only here for good music, I think you will find it. If you want to discuss politics, you are welcome to visit my blog at: