Christie Bradley Celebration of Life slideshow production notes

With the help of family and friends, I gathered together a lot of great photos to produce this slideshow celebrating the life of my sister Christie Bradley. The photos include family, friends and work colleagues. I was fortunate enough to have music to accompany it I had already composed that was just right for the occasion. You can read the words of the following songs on the Lyric page of this website if interested.


This is a short interlude that I wrote when our father, Glenn Houle, died a few years ago. I actually dreamed it and woke up crying. I immediately rolled out of bed – grabbed a guitar to play the chords and melody so I wouldn’t forget.


I wrote this song several years ago and recorded it with my old recording band The Local Group at my old studio MusicAmaze. I still need to record the vocals, so I mixed an instrumental version for this slideshow. The passing of Christie has renewed my sense of urgency to finish, mix and release my large back catalogue of songs.


I wrote this song a few years ago about alternative energy sources – how Mother Earth and forces of nature could provide us with all that we need. It would be nearly free and clean – if we would just overcome our human greed and shortsightedness. The environment was always a very important issue to Christie. I had already recorded the acoustic guitars, so I finished everything else and mixed it for this event.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow which I wanted to be be a special tribute to a very special person….thanks, Curt